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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of - Experience certificates/vouchers

Effective: 02.02.2022, 02.22 am


This Terms and Conditions (hereinafter as “T&C”) sets out the terms for the use of the Site its products and services. Email:


T&Cs regulate the contractual relations and define the rights and obligations between the and the customer of the service, or a third party in whose favor the service is ordered or who uses the service. All such contractual relationships are governed by the generally binding legal regulations and the T&Cs.

1. Basic Provisions

1.1. Definitions

Purchase contract (hereinafter as the “contract”) - is where acts on the one hand and the customer on the other; A customer enters into a contract with

Service Provider ( (hereinafter as the “service provider”) - is a company who acts within the scope of its business or other entrepreneurial activity when concluding and fulfilling the contract; it is a company who provides services directly or through another entrepreneur/company.

Service Supplier (hereinafter as the “service supplier”) - is another entrepreneur/company other than the service provider, who the service provider uses to provide the service.

Customer of the service (hereinafter as the “customer”) - (i) the customer may be a recipient of the service, ie a person concluding and fulfilling the contract (ie consuming the service); (ii) the customer may not be the recipient of the service, ie a person concluding the contract on someone else’s behalf, ie on behalf of the recipient.

Recipient of the service (hereinafter as the “recipient”) - it is either the customer or a third person on which the rights and obligations were transferred from the customer and the person has a right to consume the service.

Conclusion of the contract - the customer's order is a proposal for the conclusion of the contract and the contract itself is concluded at the time of delivery of the binding consent of the service provider to the customer with this proposal (confirmation of the order by the service provider); from this moment on, mutual rights and obligations arise between the service provider and the customer; if the contract is concluded for the benefit of a third party, the third party becomes entitled to it only when the contract is approved; until the third party agrees, the contract takes effect only between the parties who concluded it - until then, the party that reserved the performance in favor of the third party has the right to performance (the same applies if the third party has refused consent). The consent of the recipient of the service to these T&C means the consent sent when requesting the reservation of a specific date for the provision of the service. If the recipient applies for an experience certificate/voucher, the recipient of the service is deemed to have agreed to these T&C. The service provider is not responsible for any errors in data transmission.

The Service - is all services provided by the service provider to the customer or the recipient of the service under the conditions set out in the T&C.

The experience certificate/voucher - is a voucher proving the right of the customer or the recipient of the service to use the service specified in more detail in the experience certificate/voucher and on the website under the conditions set out in the T&C. The experience certificate/voucher (or its legible photograph with a legible voucher number and voucher PIN) is then submitted to the service provider through for inspection. Further information is given by the service provider upon inspection.

Universal certificate/voucher - is a gift card - experience certificate/voucher for the provision of service with a